A Fresh Commentary

on Psalms

For the Pastor and Teacher

A fresh commentary on the Psalms... Helps and notes for teachers and pastors... Deeper information on David and the additional psalmists.


For Devotion and Study

Includes devotional sections for all readers... Includes sections on the life and times of King David... Relates the Psalms to David's experiences.

Includes the Life and

Times of David


The Composers

Information on David and additional composers of the Psalms, Asaph, Heman, Ethan, and Jeduthun... What a great honor to hear the voice of God, and be called upon to create hymns that will live forever.

King David

Relates Psalms with David's life and experiences... We can experience David's spiritual depth, and his wisdom... Scripture is consistent regarding the role of David, the line of David, God's covenant with David, and Christ as descendant of David


Exalts Christ as Lord


Connects the Testaments

Includes New Testament quotes from the Psalms relative to Christ... More than 1,000 scriptures are referenced for additional study.

Brings Psalms to Life

The rich text of the Psalms come to life through the devotional material... relevant connections to the hymns of the Church and valuable illustrations


Since 1993

Shuford Jones, Jr.

     Shuford Jones, Jr. has a background of a pastor, a teacher, and a seminary lecturer on the Old Testament.  He has a passionate belief in God's Word and the message it offers in every age.  He explains how and why God chose David, and how David's life is an inspiration to all Christians today.


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